We like to share the joys of the simple cupcake or cakePOP.  The Classic Cupcake Co. are often out within the community supporting local and regional events.  We feel passionate about showing our support for causes close to our hearts, especially children’s charities.  Check our community page regularly for information on exciting upcoming fundraisers and events.

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia

Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia (‘Children’s Hospitals’) is the national fundraising organisation supporting Australia’s five major children’s hospital foundations. Through a single gateway, they uniquely provide access to a national network of children’s hospitals providing 1.6 million occasions of care for children each year.
‘Children’s Hospitals’ rely on corporate and community contribution to unlock the potential of these hospitals, to: find cures faster; invest in new, life-saving treatments; and, innovative technology to treat and save our most precious resource. ‘Children’s Hospitals’ believe that every Australian child has the right to the best possible healthcare – some need a stitch and a cuddle while others need critical life-saving operations and long-term hospital care to survive.
All funds raised by ‘Children’s Hospitals’ are shared equally across the five hospital foundations and channelled to areas of greatest need, transforming care into extraordinary outcomes.