Top 10 Classic New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

Top 10 Classic New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

Top 10 Classic New Year’s Cupcakes

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It’s that time of year when we think about everything we have created throughout the year and embark upon innovative creations for 2016. We are always inspired to create something new and great for the times ahead and have found you the very best and inspiring cupcakes for adding that little bit of extra sparkle to your NYE celebrations! That last cupcake you have in 2015 better be a good one!

By Anna Eden. 30th December 2015


1. Clock Face Cookie Cupcakes

So simple…Countdown cupcakes using the inside of an Oreo cookie.

Clock Face Cookie Cupcakes

Classic Find: Somewhat Simple


2. Roman Numeral Clock Cupcakes

If you like the clock idea then why not take it the whole way and present 12 individual cupcakes piped with the roman numerals. Simple. Effective.

Roman Numeral Clock Cupcakes

Classic Find: Alicakes


3. Bling & Bubble Cupcakes

Who else likes a bit of “bling” on NYE?! Use extra large edible pearls, white chocolate and gold leaf for something a little special. If you don’t have gold leaf you could always use a paintbrush and brush on some edible glitter or luster dust.

Bling & Bubble Cupcakes
Classic Find: Bubble and Sweet


4. Printed 1700s Paris

And we just can’t get away from the clock theme…if you are used to working with edible prints you can source your own clock face image and mount on a fondant token. Why not take it one step further and pre-luster the fondant gold so that it looks like a pocket watch?

Printed 1700s Paris

Classic Find: PaperScissorsCake


5. Champagne Cupcakes

Adding a splash of champagne to your batter will give your cupcakes that extra “kick”! Create a mini champagne bottle for the top. Follow the step by step tutorial in the link under the image.

Champagne Cupcakes

Classic Find: Craftsy


6. Sparkler Cupcakes

The traditional sparkler is fantastic for creating that sense of wonder. Use mini indoor sparklers on your cupcakes when you start the countdown to midnight!

Sparkler Cupcakes

Classic Find: Unforgettable Holidays


7. Spun Sugar Firework

Spun sugar really is quite a magical and simple decoration if done right!

Spun Sugar Firework

 Classic Find: Unforgettable Holidays


8. Champagne & Bubbles!

Yes please! We just absolutely love the foaming champagne bubbles on top of this cupcake. You can actually pipe the small bubbles and make the larger bubbles using white modelling chocolate or fondant.

Champagne & Bubbles!

Classic Find: Pizzazzerie


9. Flaming Strawberry Cupcakes

Using a mini melon baller or tea spoon, hollow out the centre of the strawberry and fill with the liquor of choice! These work very well with a chocolate based cupcake.

Flaming Strawberry Cupcakes

Classic Find: Lissables 


10. Exploding Chocolate Decorations

Create magical shapes using melted, drizzled chocolate and sprinkling with sanding sugar for that added crunch. You could even add some popping candy!

Exploding Chocolate Decorations

Classic Find: I Am Baker



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