Tutorial – Rainbow Kisses

Tutorial – Rainbow Kisses

CCC_Rainbow Kisses_smallOh, the Rainbow Kiss! Wouldn’t that be nice?! Well, we have created that little bit of the rainbow in our perfect meringue kisses. Here is how to achieve perfection everytime, and it really is very simple once you get it right.

You will need:

Rainbow Kisses Qty
Egg whites (free range) 8
White sugar 2 cups
Cornstarch 2 tsp
Vinegar (white) 2 tsp
Vanilla 2 tsp



  1. Mix everything together on high speed to form a stiff peak
  2. Bake at 120 degrees for 55 mins with weights on corners of baking paper (use milk jugs or cups as weights)   
  3. Leave in oven with door ajar overnight

How to create that perfect “Kiss”

  1. Use a large piping bag and large open tip nozzle.
  2. Paint food colouring gel along the inside of your bag.
  3. Mix it up! Have a play with different colour combinations and have fun!
  4. Pipe a blob of meringue onto the parchment paper and lift up and off to create the “kiss” shape.

How to decorate & flavour:

  • Once cooked and rested overnight the Rainbow Kisses should be crunchy on the outside and chewy inside.
  • Use an ingredient that is a corresponding colour to the lines that you have created on your Kisses (for example, crumbled pistachio nuts with greem lines).
  • Use freeze dried powders to add natural flavour and pack a real punch! At The Classic Cupcake Co. use FreshAs Freeze Dried Powders.

The Classic Cupcake Co. flavours include:

Blue Vanilla
Pink Vanilla

Happy baking and don’t forget to “Kiss the Rainbow”!

Anna x

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