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Quick Cupcakes for Kids

Let's make some delicious Vanilla cupcakesThere's nothing like a handy little recipe! Let's me show you how to make some deliciously quick cupcakes that the whole family will enjoy! Have this one up your sleeveI always think that having key recipes up your...

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Sweet treat! Have a kid’s PARTY on us!

How about a FREE party? A real Bake-Off We have been running kid's parties and classes for over seven years now. We know how each child is unique so we tailor the party to suit all ages, skill-levels and interests. In January we launched our new party location called...

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Best Cake Delivery in Sydney!

Best Options For Cake Delivery In Sydney Published on June 14, 2019 by Flower Delivery Reviews Would you like to send baked goodies and sweets to a family and friends in Sydney? If you can’t make your own cake, it’s time to order from these top ranking bakeries in...

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Kids holiday cupcake workshops

It’s that time of the year again! We blink, the school holidays creep up and we remember that we should have planned activities to keep their minds, bodies and energetic spirits content! At The Classic Cupcake Co. we have a kid’s baking Academy and each school holiday...

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The Classic Cupcake Co. story

It’s been a busy start to 2015 and it’s also a very exciting time as I have the chance to share the Classic Cupcake Co. story with the world. Below is the article about our story that appeared in the ANZ Business Hub. How to build a recipe for start up success...

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Purple Velvet here? Are you sure?

The CCC Purple Velvet is in high demand! People still crave it… Maybe it’s the light but rich velvet sponge or the whipped white buttercream or the delicate purple velvet cake crumbs or the simple fact that it doesn’t need words to explain! We have a lot of fun with...

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Our very first cupcake store

We are proud to announce that the location of our first store will be Mosman, Sydney.  We have spent the last 10 months scouting the Sydney area for the perfect location and we are excited to have found a real little gem. Located in the heart of Mosman village, this...

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