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How about a FREE party?

IMG 9070 - Sweet treat! Have a kid's PARTY on us!

A real Bake-Off

We have been running kid’s parties and classes for over seven years now. We know how each child is unique so we tailor the party to suit all ages, skill-levels and interests. In January we launched our new party location called “The Studio” in Mosman, just around the corner from our bakery. Due to the popularity of cupcake parties at our bakery, The Studio has been booked out throughout January & February!

Party on us

We are offering one family the chance to host their very own kid’s cupcake party FREE! The party will take place in our Studio in Mosman for 8 guests. So what’s the catch?! We just request that we photograph your party so that we can use those images to promote our kid’s parties throughout Sydney. You would also receive a digital copy of all photos to share with friends and family following the party.

Each cupcake party-goer will learn al they need to to create masterful works of art!  Your kids will leave our party beaming with joy, six personalised cupcakes, a certificate and buttercream on their lips! What a joy to see each child take home everything they make! Six delicious and very professional cupcakes are the best lolly bag anyone could ask for!

How to apply



  • Party must be for a date in March 2020
  • Party guests must consist of both boys & girls
  • All parents of guests must authorise The Classic Cupcake Company PTY LTD to take photos for marketing purposes
  • Party is free for 8 guests. A charge of $40 per guest thereafter.
  • Minimum guests 8
  • Maximum guests 25

Website Title Banner Image 1 - Sweet treat! Have a kid's PARTY on us!

IMG 9033 - Sweet treat! Have a kid's PARTY on us!

Learn more about our kid’s parties HERE

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