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It’s that time of the year again! We blink, the school holidays creep up and we remember that we should have planned activities to keep their minds, bodies and energetic spirits content!

At The Classic Cupcake Co. we have a kid’s baking Academy and each school holiday we host baking classes that see children aged from nine upwards creating culinary masterpieces under the guidance of our highly proficient bake team.  Last year I hosted Delta Goodrem and “The Voice KIDS” finalists in the Academy for a private masterclass; needless to say the camera crew all ended up covered in chocolate but no one seemed to mind. Since our Academy appeared on this show we have been booked up for kid’s birthday parties every weekend.

It does seem that parents are more eager than ever to find their kid’s activities that don’t just entertain but also educate. As a parent myself I am all too aware that paid holiday activities can sometimes be a waste of money. You go along to collect your child and ask how it was, only to get the response “it was good”. We should be getting a better result than that!

I wanted to create kid’s baking workshops to inspired them to bake more, develop their creativity and to give them two hours of fun-filled education. I think we have achieved this. It is so great to see each and every child’s personality defined in this environment. It is often the quiet child that really ends up shining and creating something very bold and beautiful and the confident child creates something more controlled and delicate.

Each class surprises me, gives me something back and inspires me to continue creating beautiful and quality products for kids and their families to enjoy for all occasions.

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Love ANNA xxx

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