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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I have started to take stock of my current situation and look around me before everything changes! With a second baby due just before Mother’s Day and a very busy business, it could not be a better time to fly my own Mum out from the UK to be with me. This will be the first time I have had the privilege of having my Mum here by my side on Mother’s Day in Sydney. I am one of five children so we have to “share the love” and this is my turn to have her all to myself!

Anna with her nannie

My first Mother’s Day with two children, what a blessing! This time around I shall be taking off a whole month from work; something that I have never done to date. When you run your own business, you do not clock in and clock out. You are always on shift! Being a Mummy has been the hardest challenge of all, work is a doddle in comparison (I am sure that most Mums will agree with that!).

So, how to juggle family and work…this is not something that you can script or completely pre-determine. Each day throws up varying challenges and, quite often it is a case of how good one can be at “juggling” and ultimately keeping things in perspective. My Mum has always taken everything in her stride, and her mother before her (raising six kids on rations during the war probably taught that), with her advice being to manage each day and each hurdle as it presents itself.

Anna and her mum - Being a mother and finding time to run a business

When the new baby cupcake arrives I am sure that I won’t know the difference between morning and night time so I am forever grateful for my 14-strong loyal and hard-working team who are the best brand ambassadors and who allow me the privilege of taking even a short time “off” to be with my growing family.

Anna and Olivia

Love ANNA xxx

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